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Do Your Gifts Include Jewelry? Here's How to Protect Them

Holidays bring a flurry of fun, food and festivities. Holidays also bring gifts, big and small, including jewelry. When we are wrapped up in the holiday spirit, we may forget to check on our insurance coverage for these baubles. Here's a quick guide.

Do you need it?

Point blank, it covers you against losses if your jewelry is lost or stolen. You may be able to add a few pieces of jewelry on your home insurance, so check with us, but if you have an array of items you want to insure, you can add a jewelry rider to your insurance.

How does it work?

Although insurance can never replace the sentimental value, it can provide for the estimated worth of your items. You may need to have your pieces appraised by a professional, especially if they are antique. If the worst happens and you need to make a claim, you must file a police report, and then the claim can be investigated.

Can jewelry be covered by homeowners insurance?

The short answer is yes, because jewelry is a personal belonging. However, we recommend checking with us, as your policy may have a coverage limit. If your jewelry is worth a significant amount of money, you may have to purchase extra insurance. There are also different variations of coverage to consider, such as mysterious disappearances and replacement costs.

Whether you need to add a jewelry rider onto your insurance or you just need some help deciding, call or email us today. We can assist you in choosing what's best for you.

Is Shopping Online for Insurance Really a Bargain?

Buying auto or homeowners insurance on the internet seems easy and cheap. But is it? Discover how relying on the web to protect your most valuable assets could cost you more - and put you and your loved ones at risk - by requesting my free guide, "The Dangers of Shopping Online for Insurance."

Just reply to this email and I'll send it right out to you.

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Holiday Traditions Make You Cringe? Make Your Own

When the holiday season rolls around, do you ever find yourself getting fed up with wheeling out the same traditions year after year? Do you awkwardly partake in certain activities simply because they're "the done thing" rather than anyone actually enjoying them? If this sounds like you, here are three simple ideas for changing it up this year, keeping the festivities completely fresh!

Consider which traditions you actually enjoy and which ones you don't. If you know you're no good at preparing a turkey or holiday decorating is not your forte, don't feel you have to force yourself to do it just because it's what you're used to. Drop the tradition and replace it with something you and the family will love.

Customize your holiday dinner. There's always something on the plate certain family members can't stand, whether it's Susan who hates stuffing or anti-parsnip Peter. Instead, why not ask each member of the family to choose a food to add to the menu instead and not limit it to "holiday foods"? You may end up creating a masterpiece.

Substitute gifts for new experiences. Sometimes you find the perfect gifts that'll blow your loved ones' minds. Other times, you can find yourself totally stuck for ideas, especially if you have family members who don't want for much. If that's the case, think about instead taking them to try something new and exciting, whether it's a night at the theater, a ride on a steam train or a day of go-karting.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate
Step up your game this holiday season with this rich and creamy hot chocolate.
Serves 4

1/2 cup heavy cream
1 1/2 cups whole milk
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon espresso powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
8 oz. 72% dark chocolate, chopped
Whipped cream
4 cinnamon sticks to garnish

Add heavy cream, whole milk, powdered sugar and espresso powder to a 1.5-quart saucepan. Whisk over medium heat until hot. Do not allow to boil.

Around edges, small bubbles will appear. Mixture may begin to steam.

Turn heat to low and stir in chocolate until melted completely.

Divide among four mugs. Top each with whipped cream and a cinnamon stick.


Note: Milk chocolate may be used instead of dark chocolate.

Am I Covered by Homeowners Insurance if I Work from Home?

After the last couple of years, working from home has become a way of life for many more businesses, but are your work items covered by your insurance policy? Many home-based businesses assume their insurance will pay out if they were to suffer a loss, but this is not necessarily the case. Here's some information to help you decide if you need small business insurance.

Remote worker. If you are contracted as a remote worker, you may be covered by your company's insurance, even from a home office. This is not always true if you are not a full-time employee or you're a freelancer. Business equipment damage, compensation if injured in your home and even auto coverage may be covered by your employer.

Visiting clients. If your clientele regularly visits your home, you will probably not be covered by homeowners insurance if they were to injure themselves. We recommend looking into a business policy if this sounds like something that could happen to you.

Equipment. While some homeowners policies cover personal technology such as laptops, there are generally restrictions limited by value or use. If you use your kitchen for a catering purpose or cut hair in your living room, you may need separate business insurance.

Cybersecurity. If you have access to your company's sensitive data or even clients' private data, you may be open to liability if you experience a breach. Again, you may be covered by your company's insurance. Otherwise, you'll need small business insurance.

Liability. If you run a small business that offers advice to your clients, you'll most likely need business liability insurance. That way, if you offer guidance that turns sour, you'll be covered against loss of reputation and/or money.

If you're a small business, get in touch with us. We can help you find the perfect policy.

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Have a Happier Holiday Season with a Minimalist Approach

The holiday season is a time for cheer and merriment, but it can come with a number of less desirable side effects, such as the clutter that enters your house, the conundrum of how to manage your time or the stress of making sure everything is shipshape. Here are a few tips for taking a more minimalist approach this year and maximizing your comfort and enjoyment.

Don't commit to things you don't want to do. Ask yourself if you will actually enjoy or benefit from partaking in something or whether you're only doing it because it's "tradition."

Cut down on the decorations. It's easy to go overboard with decorating for the season, meaning you end up with a house that feels more cluttered than festive and encumber yourself with a huge time commitment in getting them up and taking them down. Only put up the things you really love to have out.

Don't spend money just because you feel like you have to. During the festive season, advertisers do their best to make us feel like we're missing out by not purchasing their festive items or latest gadgets. Don't spend on things you don't need just because it's that time of year.

Refrain from comparing your festivities with anyone else's. The grass is always greener on the other side. Don't laden yourself with unnecessary stress or FOMO by trying to convince yourself other people are having a better time than you.

Don't feel obliged to send holiday cards. You'll save time and money. You can find much more meaning in having a simple phone call or video chat with your loved ones rather than a generic greeting on paper. 

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